Man does not live by work alone, even if work is also a passion.

For years, I’ve been fascinated by mountains, where I spend most of my free time. Since I was a child, I’ve been skiing and snowboarding, I love trekking and climbing. I’ve been on expeditions to seven-thousanders in the Pamirs, six-thousanders in the Himalayas, five-thousanders in the Caucasus, and many peaks in the Alps, including Mont Blanc. However, I feel best in the Polish mountains, and every year I try to find time to climb Rysy or Babia Góra in the winter.

Another passion of mine is Italian red wines, especially those from the Montalcino region. For many years, with similarly ‘crazy’ friends, we have been getting to know local producers and learning about their wines.

Between expeditions and tastings, I am consumed by movies and books. I love the films of Kieślowski, Aronofsky, Greenaway, Kubrick, and Nolan. I like good science fiction (‘Blade Runner’ is one of my favorite movies), and I am drawn to intelligent, atmospheric thrillers like ‘Seven’ or ‘Oldboy’ in the Korean version. I read a lot – not only business books, although I devour many of them like great literature. I have a weakness for the prose of Bulgakov, Steinbeck, Murakami, Ellis, and Allen (as you can see, not only movies are good). Also, when it comes to books, I appreciate good sci-fi – the works of Stanisław Lem or Philip K. Dick are a real feast. My library is also full of books about mountains; Skoczylas, Kurtyka, or Krakauer write wonderfully about them.

Oh, and I also love cooking and pottering about in the garden 🙂