“Labyrinth: The Art of Decision-Making” is a comprehensive analysis of how we make decisions, what traps we fall into, and how we can avoid them. It is a book about the most important human competency, as Albert Camus once said, life is the sum of all our choices. As it turns out, the recipe for better decisions can be found not only in scientific research and company procedures, but also by drawing on experiences from the world of high-altitude climbing, military operations, space flights, and even… the change in leadership model in the Sicilian Cosa Nostra. [published in Polish, English, Chinese, Russian and Greek]

“Schrödinger’s World: Chronicles of an Unpredictable Future” takes you into a world straight out of pure science fiction, a science fiction that is no longer just fiction. The development of exponential technologies is radically changing the realities of business operations and is also leading to a shift in the paradigm of personal effectiveness for each of us. The book is divided into three parts: after analyzing the most important technological trends, it presents a recipe for success in organizational and individual dimensions. [published in Polish]

You can also delve into two collections that include my essays:

    • “Work is Love Made Visible: A Collection of Essays About the Power of Finding Your Purpose From the World’s Greatest Thought Leaders” (2018) – Here, I shared reflections on self-awareness and leadership development based on my very personal experience.
    • “The LIGHT Book 2. Inspirational experiences and reflections of outstanding leaders” (2023) – In this collection, I talked about the four pillars of teamwork as one of the most important tools of modern leadership, reaching back to… one of the biggest surprises in NBA history.

Upon request, I can sign the books for your employees, clients, or business partners.