My entire professional history is associated with consulting in its purest form: seeking, developing, and disseminating best practices, solutions, and tools among my clients. Most of my long-term advisory projects are related to specific issues that have the greatest significance at a given moment. For example, COVID-19 has caused a significant part of my recent work to be related to advising on building, modifying, and implementing strategies in a completely unpredictable world.

I often combine consulting activities with management workshops (for example, implementing a recently agreed strategy) and also train employees at all levels on a range of topics that translate into organizational, team, and individual effectiveness.

Where can I help as a consultant, moderator, and trainer?

    • Strategic management: how to efficiently implement a strategy and make it translate into results
    • Building management teams and linking their actions to the creation and implementation of the strategy
    • Developing leadership competencies at all levels of the organizational structure
    • Assimilating technology and building competitive advantage based on outpacing competitors
    • Creating an effective decision-making culture infrastructure in the organization (from empowerment to critical risk management)
    • Modelling organizational culture and building entrepreneurial attitudes
    • Talent management, especially in the context of generational differences
    • Designing integrated managerial development systems
    • Building employee engagement, motivation, and retention.

I also recommend three original workshops during which we work on particularly hot topics today:

    • “Leaders in the death zone” – making decisions and managing risk in unpredictable conditions
    • “Personal Effectiveness 4.0” – what to focus on in personal development in times of increasingly replacing human skills with algorithms
    • “Engagement 4.0” – building authentic engagement regardless of generation

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